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  The Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education
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The Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education
Is it possible to effect a renewed interest in the physical sciences by including more research experiences in the educational process, especially early on when many students are making or adjusting their choice of majors? Can programs be designed that are especially suited to retaining women and minorities as well as other segments of the undergraduate population?

CASPiE Photo Archive

Vincennes University General Chemistry Poster Session
Purdue University General Chemistry II Laboratory
January 2006 PLTL Training Workshop
NEIU Organic II Laboratory
January 2007 PLTL Training Workshop

The Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education (CASPiE) is a multi-institutional collaborative effort designed to address major barriers to providing research experiences to younger undergraduate science students.

Our Goals
CASPiE will take advantage of the complementary strengths and needs of its different partner institutions to develop a program that will:

1. Provide first and second year students with access to research experiences as part of the mainstream curriculum. Go to: Course Materials

2. Create a collaborative, “research group” environment for students in the laboratory.

3. Provide access to advanced instrumentation for all members of the collaborative to be used for undergraduate research experiences. Go to: Instrument Network

4. Help PUI faculty develop research projects so that their own research capacity is enhanced and the students at these institutions can participate in this research. Go to: Partners

5. Create a research experience that is engaging for women and ethnic minorities and appropriate for use at various types of institutions, including those with diverse populations. Go to: Evaluation

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CASPiE is funded by the National Science Foundation, Chemistry Division, CHE-0418902. Additional support is provided by the Discovery Learning Center at Purdue University.