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Course Implementation
Each institution will have a slightly different implementation timeline, with the common goal of involving freshmen and sophomores as part of their regular curriculum.

 Research Modules
The CASPiE model uses real research to teach students the fundamental skills of science as well as the process of scientific discovery. Each research module is based on and actively linked to the work of a scientist. Go to the instructional research modules
Two of the aspects of authentic research that make it such a meaningful experience for students are cooperative teamwork and mentorship. In order to preserve this important aspect of research in the CASPiE model, while still using the laboratory course framework, we will incorporate Peer-Led Team Learning. Go to PLTL
Assessment Tools for Student Performance
Because our laboratory experiments focus on the processes of critical thinking and problem solving, assessment of student research projects cannot be based on how closely the student comes to a known answer. It is necessary to develop appropriate assessment techniques for student learning in these new courses. Go to Teaching with CASPiE
 CASPiE Guidebooks in Development
CASPiE Implementation Guidebook
CASPiE Module Development Guidebook

CASPiE PLTL Handbook

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CASPiE is funded by the National Science Foundation, Chemistry Division, CHE-0418902. Additional support is provided by the Discovery Learning Center at Purdue University.