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Evaluation of the Program
What are the best ways to adapt and implement the CASPiE modules for the mainstream curriculum? What is the structure of a research module that best achieves the goals of the CASPiE program? What are the long-term educational impacts of adopting the CASPiE model?
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 2.   Post-survey for CASPiE Students
 3.   End-of-Semester Survey for ALL OTHER Students
 Data Collection Overview
Both qualitative and quantitative tools will be used to provide summative and formative evaluation of specific project goals:

Project Goal Data Collection Techniques
Provide first and second year students with access to research experiences as part of the mainstream curriculum. On-site observation, open-ended surveys, attitudinal rating scale surveys, group interviews, advisory board comments
Provide access to advanced instrumentation for all members of the collaborative to be used for undergraduate research experiences. Interviews, advisory board comments, development and use of distance education surveys
Help PUI faculty develop research projects so that their own research capacity is enhanced and the students at these institutions can participate in this research.
Interviews with faculty, advisory board comments, students at PUI’s involved in research
Create a research experience that is engaging for women and ethnic minorities and appropriate for use at various types of institutions, including those with diverse populations. Attitudinal surveys, group interviews, advisory board comments

An important aspect of this evaluation is the comparison of project participants, when appropriate, to those in a traditional program. Participants will also be tracked over time, and as possible, followed when they exit the program. This longitudinal evaluation of participants is particularly important to provide information on retention, applicability of the learning experiences, and continuing attitudes towards science.



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