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Instrument Network Goals
  • Provide Students with access to research-level instrumentation
  • Allow for remote calibration and operation of instruments via the Internet
  • Produce research-quality data
  • Enable high sample throughput and Internet-based data archiving and retrieval

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 Instrument Network

Part of the CASPiE collaborative for undergraduate research is the remote instrumentation resource. This networked resource allows CASPiE to have an authentic research focus for our laboratory course by making a suite of high-end instruments available to first- and second-year students via the Internet. These instruments are integrated into the research projects that the students will be carrying out in the course.

Instruments (and location) – click for specs: Gas chromatography (PU); Liquid chromatography (PU); Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (PU); FTIR/Raman spectroscopy (PU)

Using the Network
• Instructors can demonstrate instruments remotely in lecture courses and teach their operation and purpose

• Students:
    • Download and interpret authentic data collected by researchers
    • Learn to remotely calibrate instruments
    • Submit their own samples and acquire spectra/data remotely

For information about the instrument network please contact Debbie Steffen.

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